Cooking with Rotisserie Chicken

When I don’t feel like cooking but don’t want to spend the money to eat out, I often run to the store and grab the ingredients I need to make the following recipe.

Gourmet Rotisserie Chicken


Approximate Cooking Time:
5 minutes

1 rotisserie chicken, cooked any style
fresh mozzarella
fresh French or Italian bread
olive oil
any fruit or vegetable

Cut the bread and cheese into small slices. Pull off small pieces of chicken. Make an open-faced sandwich by layering cheese and chicken on top of the bread, and pour olive oil on top. Serve with a fruit or veggie.

My husband came up with this recipe when he was too poor too afford much food. He said that these ingredients could keep him going for a week if he was sure to every last bit of the chicken, cheese and bread. This recipe enabled him to get carbs, protein, and some good fats into him without spending much money. It’s not nutritionally ideal, but it kept him alive and strong. Toss in an apple with your sandwich and you have a quick, easy, cheap and relatively nutritious meal that my picky eater will eat.

My favorite part is that I get to make homemade chicken soup out of the bones and leftover meat on the chicken. I will definitely post that recipe soon!


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