Mistakes and Mishaps

Unfortunately my corn muffin recipe that I was so excited about didn’t turn out very good, so I won’t post it. Perhaps it wasn’t very delicious because I cooked frozen corn cobs and then chopped off the corn, so the corn pieces came out very starchy and chewy. It may also have been a very boring recipe. Maybe putting whole pieces of corn in the muffins wasn’t a very good idea in the first place, or, as hubby would put it, my “corn-pieces-to-muffin ratio” was too high. Perhaps I’ll try it later with fewer pieces of corn. Either way, hubby politely told me, “sorry, but I can’t eat these.”

Corn muffins with whole pieces of corn inside.

The same thing happened earlier this week when I cooked up some frozen chopped broccoli instead of our usual whole broccoli. Hubby tried it and said he couldn’t eat it because he didn’t like the texture. So after these two mishaps I figured this was a good opportunity to share what I do when I make something that hubby won’t eat, because it does occasionally happen no matter how hard I try to “ok” recipes and ingredients with him beforehand.

Leftover shredded cheese plus
rejected broccoli pieces = yum.

When this happens I try not to get mad at hubby. Sometimes I make something that just turns out badly. Sometimes I pick out a recipe that just isn’t very good and neither of us could have predicted that. Sometimes he fails to communicate his needs to me. In any scenario it is pointless to bicker over whose fault it is. So what do I do with the offending food? If I like it as is (as was the case with the corn muffins when I added butter), I throw it into the fridge and eat it slowly by myself. If even I admit it’s boring (as was the case with the broccoli pieces), I make it into something that I love that I don’t usually have because hubby doesn’t like it. I chose to cover those broccoli pieces in cheese, since I love cheesy broccoli and hubby hates it.

So now what do I do about hubby’s no-longer-complete dinner? I find it very helpful to always have backup carbs and fruits and veggies. Often I also store back-up protein sources such as eggs. Hubby knows that if he doesn’t like what I make, he can make his own dinner. Sometimes he starts the dinner from scratch and makes eggs and toast and eats that with some fruit. Usually though he only dislikes one or two dishes and therefore doesn’t have to start over. When that happens he will grab some of whatever food group is missing from his plate. I try to always stock up on whole-grain bread and butter, rice, fresh fruit, and carrot sticks. Generally this means he is covered if he doesn’t like the starch (corn muffins) or the veggie (chopped broccoli) I give him.

The night these two mishaps happened I was serving up Ritz Chicken, which thankfully did turn out delicious. I ate it with corn muffins and broccoli and hubby ate it with dried mangoes (the Ritz crackers already provided some carbs). I’ll be posting my Ritz chicken recipe later today, because it’s definitely a keeper.


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