Lox aka Smoked Salmon aka YUMMY FISHY

Hi all!  Picky Carnivore here, aka Hubby.  I want to talk about fish.

I got home really late from work tonight, and found Wifey getting ready to go to bed.  Obviously, I can’t ask  her to re-open the kitchen and cook me something, and my own cooking skills are dubious at best.  When I’m both tired and hungry, ‘dubious’ nosedives past questionable into outright sketchy.  In conclusion, I needed noms, and wasn’t about to try to cook something and ruin a perfectly good cut of meat.

The solution was in the fridge: A packet of smoked salmon.  There’s lots of ways to eat smoked salmon, and I’m going to talk about two and a half of them.

First, a word on smoked salmon (Lox).  It’s a great food to keep around, because it keeps well and generally requires minimal preparation.  There are lots of varieties, so experiment and find one you like.  Wifey and I get steelhead, which runs at about $10 a pack.  I get about 2 meals out of one pack, while she gets three, so while its more expensive than, say, chicken, its cheaper than fast food.  😛

The traditional way to eat lox is with cream cheese on an onion bagel, with deli cream cheese and a bakery bagel for preference.  Of course, store-brand cream cheese and bagel work just fine in a pinch.  Generally, though, I prefer to replace to bagel with Ritz crackers.

But…..we’re currently out of crackers.  Oh noes!  Now what?

Sashimi!  (Sort of)


Approximate Cooking Time:
0-30 minutes (depending on whether you have pre-cooked rice, and if not, how much rice you’re making)

1.  Cook 1/2 cup per person of white rice, as per rice-cooking directions.  Let cool, and put in a bowl.

2. Get some wasabi.  Either use powdered or fresh.  Or don’t use it if you don’t like wasabi, which would be sad.

3. Open up a pack of smoked salmon.  Put a piece of a plate, and put a spoonful of rice on it, with a dab of wasabi. 

4.  Eat with fingers.  WARNING: MESSY. 

5. Repeat 3&4 til satisfied.

This is a good dish if you’re in a hurry, or don’t have the energy to actually cook, etc.  It’s also based on using regular rice instead of sushi rice.  If I ever figure out how to make it, I’ll update this with directions and a note to use chopsticks…


(Also, Wifey wanted me to note that she made me eat an apple with this so I get my fruits and veggies in.)


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